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Sizing Chart

One Faith Boutique is continually striving to help you find beautiful flattering clothing that suits your figure perfectly. You can feel confident that everything on our site is hand-picked for curvier women.

Of course, you’ll have some work to do as a customer, too. The first step to finding great clothing is knowing your size. We’ve put this fashion size chart together to help you choose the best clothing sizes for you. After figuring your size, you can use it to search for or filter through our collections.

The Rare Exception

Please note that while the clothing we offer will be true to your size most of the time, some of our suppliers may use different sizing metrics. In those cases, you can refer to the products themselves to find out your size.

Knowing Your Size Helps – A Lot!

Below are some pictures of our beautiful models labeled with their measurements. Those should help serve as a reference! Find your true size too by taking your measurements and comparing them to our fashion sizing chart. Next, use what you’ve learned to make all of your future shopping much more convenient!

If you have any questions about sizing or anything else, please contact us! We’re happy to help.