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Our Story



As you have probably figured out from our name, One Faith Boutique was built solely on our deep and rooted faith in God. We grew up with faith, being raised in church and coming to know God on a personal level. But in 2005, our life was changed forever.

Our family of five (with three sons), in our minds, was complete. We were, however, in the middle of a "life valley" -- in our marriage, in our careers, financially, spiritually and emotionally. That's when God intervened in our lives and informed us we were going to have yet another child. We struggled to understand His plan (and timing) in sending us a baby when it was clearly not what WE wanted at that time.

Upon hearing the news, our three boys cried and pleaded with us... as if we could snap our fingers and make it all go away. They cried even more when we learned the news that our 4th child was going to be our first daughter... a young girl among a family of boys. Needless to say, anxiety was running rampant in our house at the beginning, but things began to change quickly.

As we all began coming to terms with the new addition to our family, we spent several months preparing our home for baby Abigail. Her room was painted pink, with bright orange lettering spelling out "ABIGAIL". Her bloomers were embroidered with “Abigail”. And our family bonded and grew and came to be excited about our pink bundle of joy we expected.

The day she was born, as I held her and was surrounded by our new family of six, I looked at her and knew immediately she was NOT Abigail. She was Faith. We know now, without a doubt, God used her to bring our family together and to strengthen our faith. Our faith in Him. Our faith in our family. And our now 8-year-old rough and tumble, energetic, and fun-loving Faith Lynn is a constant reminder of how God is always faithful, and how we must stay strong in our faith in Him.

One Faith Boutique was born in much the same way. At a crossroads in life, as my husband and I were making decisions about our family’s future, priorities, and goals, we felt God guiding us to throw all caution to the wind. He was calling us to have faith in Him. He was calling us to follow the dream we have always had and to believe that He would bless our endeavors.

One Faith Boutique is more than just a boutique to shop for fashionable and affordable clothes. WE ARE A MISSION. God has called us to use this business as an avenue to spread His love, and that's exactly what we intend to do... by blessing others through our venture.  We pray that through this business we can touch lives throughout the world and give them hope, and most of all FAITH.  Our dream is to change lives by showing them how to live with faith and all about having a relationship with God.  Our purpose here on earth is to take as many people with us to heaven as we can, and we pray that through One Faith Boutique we can team up with YOU, and make this happen!

This is my post from my personal page when I made the announcement of the opening of One Faith Boutique, so you can hear straight from my heart my story:

My exciting news!!!

My dream in life has been to change the world, just one person at a time. To make a difference. To do things that matter to another's person's life, not just for this lifetime, but for eternity. I have always had a heart for the hurting-- kids and adults alike. And I've always dreamt of a life of a missionary, traveling the world and teaching and helping.
God has blessed our family with an opportunity to do these things-- to change the world one person at a time. All while we fulfill another dream we have always had: to own a business.

One Faith Boutique is now officially open for business!!! 

We have started a business with a desire to use this opportunity to bless the world. I'm thrilled to be doing what I'm doing everyday-- I've never been happier! And that's just the icing on the cake because our mission and our goal with One Faith Boutique is to bless others. We are donating bibles and helping foster children for every order placed, as well as donations to other organizations, all with our eyes set on many more.

From you, my friends, above all else, I'm requesting prayers. This has been a huge endeavor and God has blessed us every step of the way. But I want HIM to be the One leading this business and leading us in every decision we make.

I'd also appreciate if you would share us with your friends. We have a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and even a YouTube Channel, and if each of our friends will share with their friends--- JUST THINK of all all the lives that we could change!!

Most importantly, I want to give all glory to God for blessing us with this opportunity. I've been bouncing off the walls, so excited! I can't wait to see what God has in store for this mission that we officially begin TODAY!!!

Love ya'll and God Bless!

For every order placed with us, a donation is made to The American Bible Society to purchase bibles given to orphanages around the country. Donations will also be made the My Stuff Bags Organization to provide new belongings, comfort and hope to abused and neglected children placed in foster care each day. We also donate monthly to K-Love radio and Victory Boys Academy.  We are always looking for new avenues to share God's blessings.

Won't you join us on our mission? Together we can impact thousands of lives for the Kingdom! Plus, we'll style you in today's latest fashion trends at prices you can afford.